Seiko Active Matrix E Ink watch now available via Amazon


E Ink. It’s all the rage in the world of fake books, but what about the world of, um, telling time? Thanks to Seiko, it’s all the rage in that world also. The company has made available for order their Active Matrix E Ink watch. This watch uses the power of E Ink to make telling time as easy on your eyes as a baby’s bottom. Wait, what?

This gorgeous watch tells time by syncing up to the one and only atomic clock, which then renders the time via the magic of E Ink. Like a really tiny Kindle. The thing has a fantastic viewing angle of 180 degrees and, oh yeah, did we mention it looks cool?

It’s available for pre-order now via Amazon Japan.  The only drawback? It costs around $1,000. That’s a whole lot of E Ink.