Segway and iPad get together to make a weird and wonderful telepresence baby


double 1
Apple and their infinitely popular iPad has all kinds of uses in the wearable tech world. You want to combine it with gloves to create a nifty virtual reality centerpiece? You can do that. You want to shove it in a beautiful, and see-through, case so you can announce it to the world? You can do that too. You can do just about anything you want with Apple’s shiny slab of tablet tomfoolery. Now you can perch it atop a Segway-like robot and have it stand in for you at faraway business meetings. Let’s hear it for never having to get out of your pajamas again!

Double Robotics has finally put the finishing touches on their Double telepresence robot. Here’s how it works. Powered by a battery that offers eight hours of power, the Double allows you to remotely move around any location on God’s green Earth. You can view and control the action using an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or even a desktop computer.  The stand, however, must be used with an iPad. This stand can be raised up to five feet, effectively giving users the ability to hold eye-level conversations with the people actually at the site you’re teleconferencing into. The era of true telepresence has finally begun. Cool right?

The Double is currently sold out but the company is accepting orders for early 2013. How much will it cost to be the proud owner of all of this movable robot goodness? Around $2000, which is still cheaper than the similar scooter that carries real, live people around.