Security Blanket is a Wearable That Helps Find Missing Kids


If you are a parent, there is no scarier thought than if your kid goes missing. Heck, even if you aren’t a parent, just the thought of a missing kid is a sobering one indeed. Even though thousands and thousands of children go missing each and every year, the steps to locate those we have lost have been perennially stuck in the 1970s. You call the cops. They look around some. That’s pretty much it. Now there is a piece of wearable technology that finally takes finding lost kids to the 21st century. Introducing the aptly named Security Blanket.

The Security Blanket is not actually a security blanket. It’s not actually a blanket at all. Rather it’s a thin, light device that goes on your child’s person. If the worst happens, you activate the device and it uses a sort of mobile-based crowdsourcing to find your kid. See, it’s not just a simple location tracker, which tend to be not so accurate. It correlates data from surrounding mobile phones, who have chosen to participate in helping to your kid by using a free affiliated app, and can find your kid down to the foot. It even has a flare function, were the stick to be damaged in any way. These designers seem to have thought of everything.

The device is currently on Kickstarter, securing finishing funds. It still has a long way to go but with an idea this important it seems like a no brainer. You can get your very own Security Blanket for around $59. Also, you can get your own blanket that gives you security for like ten bucks or however much blankets cost nowadays.