Second Life Gets Into Virtual Reality For Its Second Act


Second Life has been a burgeoning virtual world for eleven years now. That’s ancient in the world of the Internet. This fake world has long been the purview of S&M enthusiasts and a whole lot of other folks who just want to fly around and look at stupid stuff for an hour or two each day. Consider it the Minecraft before Minecraft. As such, the company that created Second Life, Linden Labs, is ready to shut the doors of Second Life 1.0 and open the doors to Second Life 2.0. What difference will an iteration make? Well, according to the developers, they are going all-in on virtual reality in a big, big way.

The new iteration of the software is still a year or so off, which should position it nicely as virtual eyewear becomes ubiquitous around the world. One would imagine the new software would work similarly to the old software, just fancier and with tons of VR bells and whistles. Nearly aspect of design is being considered for the Rift user, so one can expect some pretty neat stuff, or at least some snazzy S&M dungeons in first person. Also cool? Second Life revolves around user created content, so you can make anything virtual your heart will desire, like the bridge of the Enterprise or a really detailed S&M dungeon. Cool!

Of course, this next gen version of Second Life is still a few years off, give or take. For now you’ll have to make do with S&M dungeons in third person view and, sigh, in low res. Aint that a stinker?