Sebbo is a Colorful and Rechargeable LED Wrist Band


Sure arm bands can be extremely functional pieces of tech. They can track our vitals and exercise routines. They can tell us the time and interact with our smartphones to keep us abreast of current events both at home and abroad. They can, uh, even act as portable flash drives. Sometimes, however, you just want to have a little bit of fun and don’t necessarily care for usefulness. For those times, the wearable technology industry has still got you covered. Introducing the perfectly useless, yet still cool, light up armband.

It’s called Sebbo. This colorful LED armband will definitely get you noticed at your next shindig or rave. They basically look like light-up candies, instantly announcing to the world that you are a fun and interesting person. After all, these events can be loud and often times it can be hard to prove your social credibility over the hustle and bustle. This does the work for you! Also, Sebbo is fully rechargeable and thereby not a one-time-only armband. It also features a fully customizable Arduino interface if you are into hacking your armbands(you are.)

Now the bad news. Take a deep breath. If you have a crazy block party to go to this weekend, you won’t be wearing the Sebbo there. It’s not in store shelves yet! As a matter of fact, the designers haven’t even nailed down all of their funding yet. That’s where you come in. Just party on down to their Kickstarter and pay a cover charge of around $30 and you’ll be good to go when these launch. Here is a video of it in colorful action.