SEAL Wearable Swim Monitor Keeps You From Drowning


Now that summer is nearly upon us, let’s start putting our winter coats away and start thinking about all of the cool things we can do now that the weather has gone from hellishly cold to hellishly hot. We’ll soon be standing outside, beer in one hand and freshly grilled burger in the other. We’ll soon be lounging at the beach with our favorite paperback under our knee. We’ll soon also be swimming. Swimming is part and parcel of a great summer. Nothing can go wrong when you are encased in water, except of course the obvious. You could drown. Luckily for all of you bad swimmers out there, wearable technology is on the case.

Introducing the SEAL wearable swim monitor. What this necklace lacks in the fashion department it more then makes up for in the “will save your life” department. Here’s how it works. Once you slip it on and get in the water, an array of sensors keep track of where it is in the water. If it dips too far down, an authority is alerted via text message. You can set the necklace to account for varying expertise levels, so a new swimmer will have a different experience from, say, Michael Phelps.

The makers of SEAL hope to have it out on store shelves by early next year. They have actually taken to Indiegogo to help secure funding for manufacturing costs. You’ll be able to get your neck around one for just about $150. In the meantime, be very careful and remember to never swim on a full stomach. Also, don’t pee in the ocean that’s just weird.