Scough is a Stylish Scarf That Filters Out Germs and Pollution


The cold weather may be abating somewhat but that doesn’t mean we aren’t in for any more chilly days, particularly in the early parts of spring(not to mention next winter, and the eternal winter after that which is our souls.) One of the best, and easiest, accessories for avoiding winter chill is the humble scarf. However, due to wearable tech being in its nascent stages, said scarf hasn’t received too much high tech love. Maybe it has something to do with how thin they are and how, uh, fabricy they are. Until microchips and other pieces of the wearable tech puzzle become small and flexible enough to fit on a piece of fabric, we won’t be seeing any truly high tech scarves. In the meantime, however, there are still some pretty neat things you can do with textiles.

Introducing the Scough, a scarf that filters out pollution and germs with the best of them, all the while remaining as stylish as anything else in your wardrobe. The secret here is an activated carbon filter that also contains a slight layer of silver. The end result is maximization of germ and pollution fighting power. Staying healthy is always a good thing, particularly if a zombie apocalypse-inducing germ is floating around like on the TV.

The Scough comes in a variety of hip styles. After all, it was designed in Brooklyn(slight sarcasm intended, even though I do live there.) You can head on over to their website and pick one up for around $39. Happy scarf hunting!