Scottevest’s Carry-On Coat houses your portable electronics


ScotteVest have been in the game awhile. They just upped their ante with the Carry-On Coat. This wonder of minimalist design hides just about every gadget imaginable, and other stuff to boot. Consider it the backpack of jackets. The, um, jackpack. Sigh.

It has pockets specifically designed for each gadget, too. Sick of fumbling around in your pocket to change a song on your MP3 player or iPhone? It has you covered. Want a space that is perfectly formfit for a Blackberry? It has you covered there too. It is truly the most comprehensive gadget-laced jacket of all time. Just look at that feature-rich photo!

The company has not announced an official release date for this bad boy, but keep your eyes peeled. Actually, it probably has a space for peeled eyeballs as well.