Scosche myTrek keeps your iPhone informed of all of your vital signs


Sure there are other watches on the market that help you work-out better. But not many work in the exact same way as this one. The Scosche myTrek is a handy-dandy workout watch that monitors your vitals with the best of them.

This Bluetooth-enabled device not only sends your vitals to your iPhone or iPod Touch, it also helps to keep you going by popping inspiring “you can do it” messages in your ears. It’s like having your own personal trainer! Only, a positive one and not one of those mean basic training type dudes. It also features a handy velcro armstrap for those times when holding something is simply a no-g0. The only downside? The myTrek has to be within 33 feet of your iOS device in order to record the info. This means you’ll have to carry two devices on jogs and so forth. Oh well.

Scosche has already made it available, at a suggested retail price of $130. What are you waiting for? You can do it. Just keep going. You can do it.