Scientists Create Telescopic Contact Lens That Gives You Super Vision


It’s strange to think that a few short centuries ago if you were born with less than 20/20 vision you were pretty much screwed. Glasses didn’t exist and, well, you were basically a second class citizen. Although, to be fair, back then pretty much everyone except for a few noblemen were second class citizens. Still, since the invent of glasses the technology behind it has been on the up and up. Now there is something new on the horizon that is going to blow your bespectacled mind, this we guarantee. Introducing contact lenses that give you super vision.

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have created a telescopic contact lens that allows wearers to magnify their vision up to 2.8 times, which effectively gives you the vision of a man wearing a cape and a giant “S” on his shirt. You know the one. He moonlights as a reporter occasionally. When you have it on, you see normally through the 1.17mm telescopic contacts, but can also put on a pair of polarized 3D glasses to bounce the light off four aluminum mirrors around the outside edge of the contact lens. This gives you the much vaunted magnified vision. Now you can spy on whoever you want!

This technology is still in the research stage but, what with human augmentation being all the rage these days, we imagine it will start showing up on eyeglass store shelves before too long. Now we just need those scientists to get to work on leaping tall buildings in a single bound and all of other good stuff.