Scentee iPhone Attachment Gives Your Phone a Sense of Smell


How many sayings can we think of to describe smell? The nose knows. Stop and smell the roses. Take a bite out of crime. Wait, that last one isn’t right. Still, our shnozzle and its accompanying olfactory talent is easily one of the top five senses we have access to. What would eating be without smelling it first? What would wandering around in a trash heap be without smelling it first? Soon you’ll be able to say the same thing about using your smartphone. That’s right. Your iPhone is about to get a nose job, only unlike your average middle school denizen, this nose job will create one.

A Japanese firm has created a device they lovingly refer to as Scentee. This iPhone accessory effectively gives that phone a sense of smell. Sounds too fantastic to be true? Hear(overrated sense) us out. The device, which plugs into the docking port, can be used to send actual smells along with text messages. Now when you say someone is full of crap, you can let them know just how serious you are. Scentee’s creators also envision it being used as an integral part of mobile gaming, with game designers using the sense of smell to create more immersive environments. We’ve always wondered what those Angry Birds smell like.

This wild tech isn’t yet available to iPhone consumers but the firm says it shouldn’t be too long before smell-o-vision is an actual reality. Also, Android owners, don’t fret. There is a version coming for you guys soon as well. Check out the video below with one nostril open and let us know what you think.