Samsung’s Smart Glasses to Turn Your Hands Into a Keyboard


The world of smart glasses may be in its nascent stages at the moment, but it won’t be too long before these sweet specs become as ubiquitous as the smartphone or the ,uh, regular phone. As soon as Google unleashed their Glass device on the world, it has been a veritable arms race between the big tech companies of the world to create the next big glasses-based thing. It seems as though everyone, from Apple on down, could be working on their own version of the tech. However, one company that is absolutely working on one is Samsung. What kind of new stuff are they bringing to the table? Well, read on.

A new patent has just been unearthed which brings us some clues as to what form Samsung’s eventual AR-based glasses will take. The patent details an augmented reality application that works in tandem with the glasses to turn your hands into an actual keyboard. All one would have to do is hold their hands in front of them and then let your eyes do the talking, meaning that a letter will be ‘typed when you stare at it. It doesn’t have to work with both of your hands either. The tech will work with one hand, or even just a finger. The future is upon us, my friends, and it is finger-based.

Of course, this is only a patent, meaning that Samsung has put some research into this idea but isn’t going to necessarily bring it to consumers. It shouldn’t be too long now before Samsung formally announces their smart glasses, at which point we’ll throw up an update.