Samsung’s Gear VR Headset Quietly Launches in Time For Holidays


Oculus and their forthcoming Rift virtual reality device isn’t the only kid on the block, even though Facebook does own this particular block thanks to a two billion dollar cash injection. However, Samsung has long been known to be working on their own device, which will fall under the Gear moniker and be known as the Gear VR. These will work differently from the Rift, in that it won’t connect to the PC. Rather, it will hook up to your smartphone. All you do is slide that phone right into the slot and then, bam, all the myth and majesty of virtual reality-based Candy Crush can be yours. Guess what? That aforementioned myth and majesty may be yours before you know it, as in right now. Cue the 3D candies.

Samsung has quietly made their Gear VR headset available to, uh, ‘innovators’ today. Why is that? Much like the Google Glass Explorer Edition, this is known as the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition. As a matter of fact, when you buy one you have to agree to a disclosure that states “”I understand the Gear VR is an Innovator Edition device targeted specifically to developers or early adopters of technology.” English? If you don’t like it, it’s not our fault. One perk for innovators, all apps are free until next year, so you truly can have your cake and eat it too (if that cake is a VR-enabled version of popular PC title Cakemania.)

Unlike the aforementioned Explorer Edition, the price is right with this one. You can pick one up for $199.99 or $249.99 with a recommended Bluetooth controller. Caveat? As of now, you need to be using a Samsung Note 4 smartphone as your primary smartphone. Otherwise the dang thing simply won’t fit. Hey, innovators always suffer setbacks.