Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Can Now Double as a Baby Monitor


Babies. They are either the future or would taste great baked into a pie, depending on who you ask. However, for either scenario to play out, we need to take care of these darned ragamuffins. Spoiler alert, babies aren’t the smartest creatures on Earth. As a matter of fact, they are probably one of the world’s dumbest creatures. What would a baby do if it found itself alone in a room with a hungry wolf? It would probably just sit there going googoo and gaga! So, yeah, we need some tech to help protect our future selves. Luckily, some companies have heard our clarion call and went into action.

Samsung, who you may remember from creating the stuff that currently now sits either in your living room or in your pocket, have introduced a new functionality into their Galaxy Gear watch and smartphone combo. If you own both of these gadgets, they magically transform into a pretty nifty baby monitor. That’s right. You can use the stuff you already own to keep an eye or two on your precious lil children. Essentially, the phone acts as the camera and the watch acts as the receiver. Just stare into your watch and look at your progeny, sleeping soundly or acting like crybabies.

Of course, in order to take advantage of this recently added functionality, you’ll have to own both the watch and the accompanying smartwatch. That’s kind of a lot for what a simple web cam could do on its own. Still, if you happen to already own both of these gadgets, it’d be a great use for them. In the meantime, take care of your children!