Samsung’s Forthcoming Galaxy Gear May Use Tizen Operating System


We now live in a world that is chock full of smartwatches. These watches do everything that your smartphone does, but they wrap around your wrist(oh yeah, they also tell time.) Ever since the Pebble graced the pages of Kickstarter, racking up millions of dollars in the process, just about every big company in the world has begun prepping their own smartwatches. One of the first companies to market was Samsung and their generally great Galaxy Gear watch. Now, the Galaxy Gear is a year or so old and it’s time for a hardware update. There may be some big things in store for Samsung’s little wearable that could.

The Galaxy Gear, like most devices that aren’t branded with the Apple logo, run on Google’s Android operating system. However, according to reports, that may very well be changing. It looks like the next iteration of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch may use an operating system known as Tizen. Tizen is a fledging platform that is  HTML 5-based. Why the change? Samsung is afraid that the wearable version of the Android operating system is not quite as open as the one found in tablets and phones. Also, of course, it will help them make more money. They’ve also already invested in Tizen, adding it to a couple of devices already.

There is no official release date or price for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2.0, but we’ll let you know when more information drops. In the meantime, here is a video.