Samsung Smartwatch Rumor Roundup – The “Samsung Galaxy Gear”?


samsung design

Rumors have yet again been flying around the cyber world about a new player in the smartwatch game. Samsung is expected to dive into the smartwatch arena within the next couple of months, but specifications on the watch are yet to be released. According to a recent trademark filing, however, we might be getting a glimpse into what the device is to be called.

Rumors about the device first started in July when media reports announced that Samsung had filed trademarks for a wearable device, which is likely the long awaited smartwatch from Samsung. Rumors also have surfaced saying that Samsung might unveil their new watch on September 4 along with the Galaxy Note III.

Despite these rumors, there has been a lot of back and forth about what the device might be called. Until now. Evidence on what the Samsung watch will be called has finally surfaced, and the verdict is that it’s likely to be called the Samsung Galaxy Gear. This evidence comes in the form of a trademark that was filed.

The trademark is an “international class 009” trademark, which is the category for wearable electronic devices. This category denotes that the device could be a watch that can access the internet, receive phone calls and texts, and store data. In other words, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is probably a smartwatch.

Other rumors about the Samsung smartwatch include a reported design which was filed as a patent. The design includes a “back” and “menu” button that is found on many smartphones, as well as a power button, possible speaker and microphone, and also a possible location for a USB port. We may also have the model number of the device through the trademarks that have been filed. The device is expected to be model number SM-V700.

The race between Apple and Samsung to get a smartwatch out is now on, with both companies expected to make a big release in the smartwatch market within the coming few months. Not only that, but a number of companies including Sony have already released their own smartwatches, so it will be a lot of work for Samsung or Apple to be able to come up with a design that’s unique enough to sell more than the already released devices.

Reportedly, smartwatch sales are expected to be more than 15 times what they are now by the end of 2014. In order for this to happen, some big players in the smartwatch game, such as Apple or Samsung, will need to sell a very large number of units. It is also expected that the smartwatch will become the most important category in electronics since the release of the iPad and the uprise of the tablet.