Samsung S Health allows you to control your weight and blood sugar with your smartphone


We, of the Internet generation, have a lot on our minds. There’s Tweeting, “liking,” blogging, Googling, scanning, stalking, staring at pictures of pizza and so much more that occupies our brainspace. Not to mention living a good life, finding love, paying bills and all the usual stuff that existed before the net. So, with that said, anytime a piece of technology promises to take care of something for us then we find cause to get excited. One less trip somewhere is one more day to spend at the beach, or spend reading political blogs in a haze of self-loathing and existential disgust. Well, get your swimsuit ready, there is a new app on the horizon that could save you all kinds of time.

Samsung has finally launched their S Health app which is available for use on their Galaxy S III smartphone. This handy, and potentially lifesaving, app can be paired up with third party monitors to keep track of our precious vitals. It keeps an eye on your weight and blood sugar. The app syncs with blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters from Lifescan, Omron, and A&D over Bluetooth or USB. Now you’ll never bother your poor, overloaded doctor again with your petty concerns.

Of course, the app stores all of the readings in a series of cool charts and graphs, which are perfect for instant perusal or uploading to the social network of your choice. Samsung’s S Health is launching in the US, South Korea, and five European countries and can be downloaded right now from the company’s app store. What are you waiting for? Let’s get healthy!