Samsung Rumored to be Creating Foldaway Glass-like Device


When will the future we all know is coming actually, you know, come? When will we all be sporting awesome cyborg-like attachments all over our bodies? Well, that latter part is actually coming to pass, slowly but surely. The bomb was originally dropped with Google and their marvelous Glass device(you can buy one of these today, by the way.) Since then, every company on the planet has been scrambling to get some weird gadgetry on our faces. Samsung was one of the first out of the gates, rumors suggest. Now it seems they have upped the ante and made some sort of Glass-like monocle device.

Patents that were recently unearthed show that Samsung is jumping in heavy to the virtual reality eyewear device game. The patents, and accompanying illustrations, show a foldaway eyewear device that looks to beat Google at its own game. The cool thing about this device is you don’t always have to be wearing it. As stated, it folds away to become something of a Bluetooth ear device when not in full VR/AR use. This way you won’t go around your entire day being made fun of or, worse, being mugged for the obviously expensive tech resting upon your nose.

As far when this tech will be released, keep in mind it is just an unearthed patent. All this means is Samsung is actively working on this tech. Sometimes the companies work on tech that never sees the light of day and this could be one of those things. However, with the eyewear race heating up, this device probably will come to pass. We’ll let you know when we know more.