Samsung is Working on a Cap That Will Let You Control Tablets With Your Thoughts


It wasn’t so long ago that Apple was the only game in tablet town. The iPad rocketed up the charts and mostly stayed there, after all. In the ensuing years since its release, however, other companies have made great strides to grabbing a piece of the tablet marketshare pie. One of these companies is Samsung. They have teamed up with Google to create cheap tablets that sell like gangbusters. Also, their pricier line of Nexus tablets also fly off of store shelves. So what is next for Apple’s prime tablet(and phone) competitor? Why, building tech that allows you to control that tablet with your brain, of course.

Reports are coming out of Samsung HQ that they are busy readying technology that will allow you to do just that. It comes in the form of wearable technology, of course. Here’s how it works. You wear an EEG-capturing device on your head like a skullcap. The device is connected wirelessly to your tablet and, voila, each and every thought you have is translated to actions on the tablet. This pertains to opening apps, sending emails and all kinds of other useful stuff. Also, in case you were wondering, yes it also pertains to viewing adult material. We can’t take you guys anywhere!

Don’t go readying the tinfoil just yet. This futuristic tech is still in its infancy, although huge advances in EEG tech seems to happen almost daily. Who knows, maybe soon we’ll be controlling everything with our thoughts. That will be good for our rapidly advancing carpal tunnel syndrome but will not fare so good on hungover days.