Samsung to Go After Google With Similarly Named Galaxy Glass


Galaxy Glass
There is a war brewing, ladies and gentlemen. At first, it seemed like Google would be able to corner the market on futuristic cyberpunk-looking VR glasses thingamabobs. Google Glass was poised to take over the world, but then the delays started happening. As of this writing, after all, there has yet to be a consumer-grade model released that we can get our grubby little paws on. You know what happened in the meantime? Every company on Earth announced plans to make their own VR glasses thingamabobs. If these rumors are to be believed, soon gadgets giant Samsung will be getting in the ring to duke it out for VR supremacy. Let’s get ready to rumble.

The rumors, reported by multiple sources, say that Samsung is prepping their own Glass-like device, which will appropriately be named Galaxy Glass. I guess there aren’t that many things you could name and still make it sound cool, so prepare for lots of things called Glass. As far as what this thing will do, we’ve only heard a little. According to sources, it will display alerts, allow users to take calls and listen to music, which Samsung’s smartwatch already does. It’ll no doubt do a host of other cool stuff once it launches.

Speaking of launches, there is no launch in site for this product. It’s only technically a rumor now, however one that is certain to happen, even it ends up not being called Galaxy Glass. We’ll let you know when more information is dropped.