Samsung to Give Gesture Update to Galaxy Gear This Week


Ladies and gentlemen, pull up a seat and play witness to one of the most rock-em, sock-em battles in the tech industry. No, I’m not talking about Sony’s just released PlayStation 4 versus Microsoft’s just released Xbox One, I’m talking about the smart watch game. Nintendo probably wins the video game one anyways. In any event, we write a whole lot about smartwatches here at Crunchwear and today is no different. Today, we present to you some interesting information to you Samsung Galaxy Gear owners out there and you folks who are thinking of getting one at some post Thanksgiving Black Friday event spectacularatron.

Samsung, who make a ton of stuff because they just that big of a company, released their own smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, several months back. It’s a nifty piece of hardware but, as first editions tend to be, is not perfect. Some of the initial concerns with the product are getting addressed this week, thanks to an update to the Galaxy Gear OS. What does this OS update bring to the table? For one, a completely redesigned notification system that should be more intuitive and make sure you never miss an important wrist-based text message. Also, it is bringing gesture controls to the table. Now you’ll be able to lift and pause your hand to bring up the camera, for instance. There are a whole lot more useful gestures as well.

The firmware update is already available in Europe, however it hasn’t inched its way stateside as of this writing. The company says it will be available by the end of the week so you can spend your Thanksgiving doing what one should do on Thanksgiving, updating the firmware of their smartwatch!