Samsung Files Patent For Glasses



We’ve already heard rumors about Google creating their own watch to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Gear, but it looks as if Samsung will be returning the favor with their own smart glasses that will presumably compete with Google Glass. We learned today that Samsung has in fact filed a patent for a new headset that will show caller information and allow the wearer to take calls on them.

The patent describes a device that has transparent lenses and that even has a set of earphones to enable the user to listen to calls that they take using the device. While it would be easy to compare the device to Google Glass, as I have done above, the devices are clearly different. For example, the patent that Samsung has filed describes a set of “sports glasses”, indicating that the headset will serve a particular niche, unlike Google Glass which is aimed at a much wider audience.

Companies are scrambling to compete in the growing wearable technology market, and while this product is far from being produced, it does give an indication as to what headspace companies are moving towards.

Sure, the patent is really just a drawing, but could we see something like it in the near future? We probably will, whether it be from Samsung or from someone else.