Sakku Solar Bags


Sakku Solar Bags

Sakku, founded in 2004 and based in Switzerland, has launched just in time for this years sunny summer a new range of solar bags consisting of two models: the sakku.worker and the larger sakku.traveller.

Both models come in two variants: the direct variant that charges your portable devices while you are in the sunlight. The energy goes directly into the connected device.

This suits very good to leisure time activities, e.g. for the beach or for a trekking tour. Connected the iPod of cell-phone to the Sakku solar bag and the sun will charge it.

The akku variant comes with an integrated rechargeable battery which stores the solar energy continuously. With the akku, you can harvest any and all sun rays while outdoors and use the stored energy to recharge your personal gadgets anywhere and anytime – even at night.

What makes the Sakku bags outstanding is the amount of details and thoughts that Sakku put into building those fabulous bags: The bags are made of used sails from sailing boats, making every one of these bags durable, unique and environmentally conscious. The integrated flexible solar cells are bendable and waterproof.

Solar panels have a lifetime of somewhere around 25 years, a time frame most of us will not use the same bag. Sakku will take those used solar bags bag back and install the solar panels on a solar farm which produces “green” energy for everyone.

Sakku is a very impressive company that considers every aspect of energy preservation and makes this beautiful bags the clear favorite in our long list of solar bags.

The bags can be ordered online directly by Sakku. The price ranges from Euro 145.- (around 199.- US$) for the up to Euro 230.- (around 315.- US$) for the sakku.traveller.akku