Runtastic Tempts the Nausea Gods With a Rift-Based Running App


Oculus and their Rift device is an astounding piece of technology, particularly if brand new developer’s kit is any indication. The only downside to VR eyewear devices, however, is their tendency to cause nausea to a subset of the population. With each passing iteration, of course, this subset shrinks, so maybe one day VR-induced puke-titude won’t even be a thing. For now, though, it is. It’s on that note, then, that Runtastic has decided to tempt those nausea Gods by developing a virtual reality application to run while using the Oculus Rift. Phew, finally you’ll be able to see beautiful virtual scenery instead of all of that gross real scenery in your neighborhood.

Runtastic, who have been around the exercise game for a while now, unveiled the Rift-based application at this year’s CES conference, which just finished last week. It works essentially as you picture it working. You slap the Rift device on your noggin and then run through all manner of virtual tomfoolery. The app keeps track of how far you’ve run and the approximate amount of calories burned, among other odds and ends. There’s also a virtual personal trainer thrown into the mix, although there is no feedback to let them know when you fail or, you know, give up and start eating pizza mid-run.

This technology, novel as it may be, will not be heading to store shelves or download carts anytime soon. For one thing, the consumer grade model of the Rift isn’t even out yet. Runtastic has also said they won’t even consider officially releasing this software until the Rift gets a whole lot lighter and cuts all of its cords, two things which may take a few years for it do. The reasons seem pretty clear on both of those fronts, however. Until then, uh, change your running route so you can see new things.