Runtastic Brings its Exercise Gear to the Good Ole U.S. of A.


This whole smart watch craze had to start somewhere. Just where did watches that do everything your phone does come from? Well, crafty designers have always been trying to make watches do more then simply tell the time. Since the 1970s, there have been watches that doubled as calculators, played games and more. Oh yeah. There have also been watches that helped us exercise for quite a few years now. One company that has been cranking out amazing little pieces of fitness tech is called Runtastic. Never heard of them? That’s because they have never released a single gadget in the United States. That is, until now.

runtastic-2Runtastic has announced they will be bringing much of their line to America. This includes their stellar, and well reviewed, GPS watch. It’s not all watches, however. They also have a heart monitor that can sync up with a host of useful apps, a speed sensor, a fitness tracking armband and even a bike mount. OK, the bike mount isn’t necessarily wearable but you can always use it in some kind of far out Halloween costume. It’s never too early to start planning for next year’s holidays.

The best part of this cross-cultural marketing? These items are available now. Really. You can head over to Amazon and fill you cart up with all manner of wearable tech, then pay the nice robot and in a few days they’ll arrive in front of your house like beautiful Easter eggs. The watch is the most expensive of the lot, setting you back around $150. Check out the video below and, as always, happy exercising and time-telling.