Rumors suggest Apple will be jumping into the smartwatch market in 2013


Apple.  The company is practically synonymous with technology. They changed how we listen to music, how we talk on the phone and, even, invented what is referred to nowadays as an OS. The company named after a forbidden fruit has risen from humble origins to be the biggest company in the planet, even bigger than the ones that get us oil. They’ve already conquered the tablet arena, the computer arena and just about everything else. So what’s next for the house that Steve built?

Watches, apparently. Rumors suggest the company is jumping headfirst into the smartwatch business. The rumors say the company is reportedly working on a Bluetooth smart watch, complete with call integration and a 1.5-inch OLED screen supposedly manufactured by RiT Display, a Taiwanese manufacturing company. This is, of course, in addition to the forthcoming smartglasses Apple has been quietly working on for the last couple of years.

What else do we know about this watch? It will connect to your iPhone, of course, thus letting you control the phone right from your wrist. That means you could send out texts, answer calls or update your Facebook status all while your phone is well out of reach, say charging in an outlet nearby. Siri-integration is also thought to be part of the watch when it launches, sometime in 2013. That’s some snazzy tech right there.

It’s funny. The smartwatch craze is growing bigger and bigger, and none of the signature models are even out yet! We’ll let you know when these bad boys begin shipping and they start to change, or not change, our lives.