Royale Opera Time-Piece according watch costs a cool $1.2 million


There’s expensive, and then there’s expensive. Royale’s new Opera watch works sort of like an accordian, but instead of pulling in air to make pleasing sounds, this watch pulls in your money to make you broke! Just how many smackers will it take for you to get ahold of this piece of steampunk goodness? $1.2 million. Yowza.

What do you get for all of those clams? The Opera Time-Piece consists of 319 parts, all of which come from that land of correct time, Switzerland. It was designed by Fabrique du Temps, and the minute repeater plays the hours in the key of A as the minutes chime in C sharp. So the bang for your buck here is a musical one. Not bad.

It’s made of 18k gold and sapphire crystal. Only a dozen of these will be made available for sale, so if your last name is either Goldman or Sachs you should probably get on this while the going is good.