Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Watch is golden


The world of luxury watches is growing ever so large as the years go by.  The newest addition? Romain Jerome’s Titanic-DNA watch. It’s golden! Wait, what? No, I mean seriously. There’s a lot of gold in it.

The company outsourced the design of the Titanic-DNA to renowned watch designer Yvan Arpa. The result is an elegant timepiece that is light and housed in lots and lots of delicious gold. That’s not all, though. It has a sort of steampunk design, as you can see above. You can get it in black steel, polished and black steel mixed, or in 18k red gold. Also, because its a luxury item, the bezel features actual metal dragged up from the Titanic. Yes, that Titanic.

These beautiful watches are limited to just around 2,000 made. The cost? Around $28,000 bucks. You just knew there had to be a catch. There always is in this life.