Rocking-knit rocking chair automatically knits as you sway back and forth


We all look forward to spending our golden years relaxing, gently swaying back and forth on our favorite rocker, smoking a pipe and slowly knitting a scarf to give to some grandkid who thinks we smell “weird.” Technology, on the rise as it often is, may now offer us a way to combine two of those favorite things into one. Finally, a rocking chair that automatically delivers pipe smoke into our lungs! Wait, not that. That doesn’t sound right.

Oh, it’s the other one. Finally, a rocking chair that automatically knits as we rock back and forth! Introducing the appropriately named Rocking-Knit. This crafty chair was designed by Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex from the University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland and it does exactly what it purports to do. You sit on it, rock back and forth, and the various mechanisms of the chair slowly knits you something nice. It doesn’t take too long to get enough knitted fabric to make a hat, some slippers or even a scarf. Now, at the least, you can feign productivity as you wile the evenings away on your porch.

Rocking-Knit was created for the University’s Low-Tech Factory design exhibition just held in Langenthal Switzerland. The designers have not suggested if the chair would go into production. One would imagine it would make the perfect gift for the old, or just old at heart, person in your life. Hey kids, get off my lawn, I’m trying to knit!