RingJot is the Wearable Pen and Stylus Hybrid of Your Dreams


Touchscreens are great and all but occasionally using your finger to draw stuff and write stuff can be cumbersome at best. Essentially, in an ideal world fingers and styluses would be as interchangeable as butter and, uh, Molly McButter. However, capacitive screen technology doesn’t always allow that, these screens preferring the human finger over any kind of gadget. Add to that the having to carry one more thing around with you(stylus) and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a touchscreen headache. Well, get that touchscreen aspirin ready because we may just have a solution for you.

Introducing the RingJot. This stylus/ring/pen hybrid combines the best of all worlds in one minuscule gadget that can be worn around your finger like a, well, ring. It’s fully adjustable to your hand’s length, perfect for jotting down stuff on both a touchscreen and paper. The pen attachment lurks behind the stylus. All it takes is a simple pull and you will be ready to go, handing out prescriptions and birthday card greetings all hully-gully. The designers are so sure their product is a winner that they’ve even gone ahead and said that using the RingJot to jot rings on paper is truly a better way to write, beating that incredible distance we usually hold pens away from parchment.

This refreshingly simple gadget isn’t out yet so for now you’ll have to make due to with duct taping a pen to your index finger. However, the designers are finishing funding on a Kickstarter site. If you want to be the first kid on your block with a fashionable and useful ring around your finger you can get preorder one for just $18. Check out the video below.