Ringblingz Rings Keeps Teens in Plenty of Blings(Wait What?)


It’s tough being a teen these days, what with the parents not understanding and that secret pirate radio station helmed by Christian Slater. Wait, my editor is telling me that those are things teens had to deal with twenty or so years ago. Yikes. Time marches on. Teens nowadays have to deal with all manner of new grievance due to the Internet’s omnipresent appearance in our lives(parents still just don’t understand, however.) Even worse? Some of said parents won’t even let their kids carry a smartphone or tablet everywhere they go! The nerve of them. That’s where something like Ringblingz comes in, the perfect little device to help the teen in your life stay connected.

Essentially, Ringblingz are, well, rings that send you notifications. They connect via Bluetooth to your phone to always let you know what kind of information your friends are trying to impart to you. Think of it as featuring a stripped down version of the kind of functionality found in your garden variety smart watch. It works via a series of colored rings that represent different sets of information, which you can eyeball in a brief moment and know exactly what the play is. Going to cruise around in your motor car downtown and get milkshakes? You can see that. Gonna help your friends and his family churn butter and prepare for the coming Civil War? It’ll help you do that too.

The makers of these rings have received a slate of funding to the tune of millions of dollars, so expect these to show up on store shelves before too long. However, no price point or actual release date has been formally announced.