Ring Lets You Shortcut Everything Digital in Your Life


Rings have fallen out of favor in recent years, what with nobody getting engaged or married anymore(just kidding.) In any event, sure we still wear those types of rings, but the days of someone wearing a big ole ring for no reasons are pretty much over. Besides, they are heavy and don’t have any function besides, well, just sitting there. Someone, somewhere, needs to bring the humble ring into the 21st century with a healthy dose of wearable technology. Who could do such a thing and what would they name this high tech ring? Maybe something simple, like Ring.

That’s exactly what this little device is called. Ring uses a series of gestures to access all kinds of stuff and let you complete tasks on the fly, including checking your messages, reading a text message, listening to music or, you know, wearing a ring on your finger. It’s compatible with smartphones, Google Glass, smart watches and all kinds of other little high tech thingamajigs. They’ve been prototyping this thing for years now and it is finally ready to enter the next stage of development, which is a good thing for all of our precious little fingers.

Of course, just because it is in the next stage of development doesn’t mean it will be heading to store shelves anytime soon. The creators have taken to Kickstarter to raise some finishing funds for the device. You can preorder one for the finger-loving price of around $165. We’ll let you know when it hits stores.