The Ring Clock



There has been so much hype surrounding smartwatches over the past couple of months that it’s hard to consider alternative routes that wearable technology could be going. What if, for example, the future of wearable technology is supposed to be even more compact than the smartwatch? What if the future of wearable technology is in the ring? Introducing the Ring Clock, a watch for your finger.

Most of us tell the time through the use of our smartphone, but using a watch or other methods of telling the time has not yet died out completely. In fact, the people behind the Ring Clock are looking to bring back the dedicated time piece.

The Ring Clock was originally designed by a man called Gusztav Szikszai in 2011, and was designed as an entrant into a competition about devices that are impossible to create with current technology, but might be feasible in 10 years.

The ring essentially lies dormant until you need to know the time, at which point you simply spin the outside of the ring, and the correct numbers of the time light up using an LED light.

Unfortunately the ring currently can only stay on for 2 hours before needing to be charged, and the battery also has a lifespan of 3 years, and it’s not replaceable. The ring can however charge wirelessly through the use of a Qi wireless charger, and is water-resistant to splashes and everyday use. You wouldn’t want to take the ring in the pool or shower however.

The Ring Clock team is currently using crowd funding platform Indigogo to try and raise $287,000 for further development of the product. In order to grab one of your own, you’ll need to pledge $195, as well as an extra $15 for shipping if you happen to live outside of the UK.


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