Reware Juice Bag Solar Beach Tote


Reware Juice Bag Solar Beach Tote

Reware created the beautiful and very practical Juice Bag Beach Tote with integrated Solar panel to charge your gadget while you enjoy the sun and water on the beach.

The Juice Bag Beach Tote keeps your camera, cell phone and iPod charged. No worry to run out of power. Reware claims that most devices like iPod, cell phone, Camera can be recharged in 2-4 hours.

Cool idea just to think about it: charging your gadget while getting a nice tan.

The integrated flexible thin-film solar panel is made from heavy duty, natural canvas. The bag uses the company’s SolarSistem, which allows the solar panel to be easily removed for use separately from the bag, or when cleaning the bag.

The Bag Dimensions: 19″ wide x 15″ high x 11″ deep (48 x 38 x 28cm), enough space to get all your essential beach stuff into it. The Juice Bag comes with a universal CLA/Car Charger Female Socket for easy connection to your device via widely available car adaptors for your gadget.

You can make plenty of calls and photos without running out of battery power. The perfect vacation accessory.

Get your Juice Bag Beach Tote now from Reware’s online store for $249.99