Reusch Solaris Ski Glove


reusch_solaris_3.jpgReusch, a company we posted some time ago about their Sonic Glove for the iPod, has announced today together with Interactive Wear AG the Solaris ski-gloves for the Fall/Winter season 2007/2008.Interactive Wear developed a new technology platform called “iThermX” which is a heating solution for any kind of textiles that is smaller, lighter and more flexible than conventional solutions on the market.

The Solaris ski-glove is the first product that has this new system implemented and will be manufactured in a larger scale by a high end brand like Reusch.

The ThermoTec textile heating system, which is based on Interactive Wear’s new iThermX technology, regulates the heat supply via a micro-controller is monitored by sensors. Energy is only supplied when the temperature drops below a pre-set limit at portions of the wearer’s hand that are sensitive to the cold.

Using special, highly flexible heating elements, heat is generated selectively within the glove without restricting movement. Two low-profile, lightweight rechargeable lithium-ion batteries supply each system with power.

These gloves offer the comfort of ideal warmth with a heating capacity of up to five hours, and the heating system weight in at a maximum of just approximately 70 grams per glove. To ensure flexible usage, the wearer can choose from among three different operational modes: either constant heating or one of two pre-programmed, sensor-monitored, comfortable temperatures within the glove. A LED indicates the selected mode, and single-button control unit with a simple design enables easy and reliable operation.

reusch_ladies.jpg Based on those features, we assume that the LED is not only there for a cool look but also to show if the heat is on … or not.

Sounds great to us and we are looking very much forward to have a pair to stop running around with cold and stiff fingers, especially at this time of the year.

No info yet about the cost of this finger warming product, stay tuned for an update as soon as we get hold on it. The Solaris will be shown during the upcoming ISPO winter 07 in Munich from Feb. 4-7.