Retro SNES Headphones Place Form Over Function


SNES Headset
Audiophiles tend to pay top dollar for the best sound on the market, and while the resulting headphones may not be the next Beats fashion trend, they serve their purpose. However, those that don’t have pockets that deep and a soft spot for Super Nintendo hardware, you may want to take a look at what YouTube user lyberty5 has cooked up.

A DIY project to be sure, lyberty5 has fashioned a pair of retro headphones from an old SNES controller. The left D-Pad and right colorful button side make up the exterior shell. And with some clay, sand paper, circuit boards, soldering equipment, and other materials, he has created a pair of fully functional (we assume) headphones.

He doesn’t list out any of the tools or technical specs surrounding the DIY SNES headphones, but viewers will be able to get a good sense of the materials required by watching carefully. Besides a few quick Google, Bing, or Yahoo searches for “How to build headphones?” should point you in the right direction.

For those of you thinking of taking the easy road and purchasing his headphones instead, you’re out of luck for now. But recently lyberty5 commented on his video in response to a would-be-buyer saying, “I guess I could, but there are a lot of imperfections, and it would have to be to someone in europe.”

For more DIY projects, check out lyberty5’s YouTube page where he’s uploaded one or two other gaming mod projects, like building a hand held GameCube.