Retailer Hointer uses QR codes to make shopping less stressful


For some guys, shopping is an act tantamount to giving up pizza or never watching football again. In short, it makes members of the hairier sex sweaty, anxious and all-around depressed. Just picturing rows and rows of clothing, as far as the eye can see, is enough to send most of us into a nervous panic that only a beer alone on a wooden bench somewhere can alleviate. If only technology could make shopping a bit less of a pain for us. We know the pain can never fully be gone but we’ll take any lessened severity we can get.

Enter technology to make all of our dreams come true. A Seattle based store called Hointer is using QR codes to make shopping easier than ever before. Here is how their grand idea works. The brick and mortar location doesn’t feature racks and racks of clothing, rather it just showcases one of each item the store stocks. You scan what items you want with your phone and then head to a dressing room. The sizes request magically appear, via chute, in your dressing room and you dress at your own leisure. If you like it, great. If you don’t like it, just punch another size in to your phone and they’ll send that over to. You no longer have to deal any real people while shopping. This is great news!

Of course, it’s not as easy as it could be. You still have to pick what you want and then physically, leg by leg, try on the clothes you want. Ugh. The next step of the evolution should automate this even further, picking out and trying clothes on our frames as we sleep. Then when we wake up, our closets are already filled so next time we look the new clothes will just be there. Now that’d be a next step us guys could get behind.