This Restaurant Uses Google Glass to Help Make Ordering Easier


As soon as Google unleashed Glass on the world everyone has wondered when we’d start seeing some real world uses of this fabulous tech. When will we get to wear Glass and get specialized traffic reports as we travel around this great world of ours? When will we wear the blessed device and have virtual love making with creepy sex bots?! When will we get to sit down at a fine dining establishment and use Glass to view the menu, order food and interact with the waitstaff? Well, on the latter points, we may not have that much time to wait. The future is coming and it is coming soon.

A restaurant Tokyo called Eggcellant, which obviously specializes in egg-based dishes, has begun incorporating a number of interesting technologies into the usually mundane task of ordering and consuming food whilst at restaurant. For our purposes, we’ll focus in on the restaurant’s use of the esteemed Google Glass technology. Essentially, you can put on a complimentary pair(just for the evening, you thieves) and order your food via a holographic menu that floats just about your eyeball. Food isn’t even worth eating unless you ordered it via virtual reality, that’s what we always say.

Of course, again, this restaurant is in Tokyo so it requires a quick plane trip, following by many nights of hotel lodging in order to experience this unique take on dining out. If any of you has tried this place, let us know!