Replay’s Social Denim jeans lets you update Facebook on the fly


replay social jeans 1
Of all of the things we put on our body, jeans seem the most resistant to technological change. There is nothing close to as game-changing as Project Glass for the denim set, after all. Are blue jeans, black jeans and, um, all the other colored jeans doomed to stay the same forever and ever? Let me look at Crunchwear’s trusty magic eight ball. Good news! It says “not likely,” Thank you magic eight ball!

Italian denim designers, Replay, are trying their darnedest to bring jeans into the 21st century and beyond. To that end they have prepped a new line of jeans that is named “Social Denim.” What’s so social about this denim? Well, it’s simple. These jeans come with Facebook and Twitter functionality built-in. You read that right. These jeans let you tweet.

It works via a special fifth pocket that contains a Bluetooth transmitter. Pair the device with a smartphone and you can use one of a series of buttons to broadcast your mood and/or current location in less time it takes you to zip up. I wonder if it has a button for “I ate too much last night and now I can’t fit into these jeans.”

The line will be available in December and prices will range from around $190 to $250. For high end denim with a high tech swagger, that doesn’t seem like that bad of a price. Check a video and more images below.