Remotte is the First Remote Control For Google Glass


Once upon time there was a fantastical set of glasses that actually weren’t glasses at all. This device, known as Glass, was known the world over for casting magical spells over people’s faces which allowed them to see text messages and pornography overlaid over the world around them like a, well, science fiction hologram. The only downside to all of this fantasy land nonsense? This Glass device did not come with a remote control, and was controlled exclusively by eye winks and finger touches. Nobody wants to touch their face all day and night, unless thats your thing which by all means knock yourself out. What I’m trying to say is, there is now a remote control for Google Glass. Phew. Glad we got that over with.

It’s called Remotte and is not produced by the big G. A third party is producing this gadget, so it’s extremely possible Google could swoop in with their own remote any time they want. For now, however, it is the only game in town. The world’s first Google Glass control. Remotte lets you control every aspect of the device remotely, from viewing texts to looking at pornography. Wait. The Remotte isn’t just limited to Glass, either. It works with pretty much all of your gadgets, from smartphone to smartwatch and every smart thingamajig inbetween. Pretty cool, right?

This handy remote isn’t in stores yet. Actually, it’s not even properly finished. The makers have flown to Kickstarter to raise finishing funds for the device. You can preorder one, and become a mega early adopter, by dropping in $69. In the meantime, you can use an old TV remote and pretend?