Remember your pet forever by turning them into a diamond necklace


We all love our dogs and cats(and other pets.) They are our constant companions in times of sadness and our beacons of hilarity in times of, um, gladness. They are the reason we Youtube, Instagram and even Tweet. Heck, for some of us, they are the reason we get up in the morning. One of the great tragedies of life, then, is that our pets live only a fraction as long of us. It is inevitable, then, that these best friends die, leaving a gaping cat or dog sized hole right smack in the middle of our hearts(along our neckline, actually.)

Well, let’s get that neckline filled with jewelry(dog and cat jewelry.) A company called DNA2Diamonds will turn your dearly departed pet into a precious gem that you can then wear around your neck or atop a ring. Now you can pet your ring like a real life James Bond villain, only you won’t be planning for world conquest, rather just remembering the good times you had with Fido. The company sends a strand of your pet’s hair on a lengthy journey that involves weeks of 3,600 F temperatures and a whole lot of squeezing. The end result? A diamond, or diamond-ish, gem that is affixed to a necklace or ring.

This process may be cheaper than cloning, but not by much. The company charges anywhere from $2,000 to $17,000 depending on the size and color of the resulting rock. That might sound like a lot but how any price be put on the memory of a beloved member of the family? Of course, you could always just look at the Youtube videos you posted during happier times. Speaking of, here is one now.