Remee Sleep Mask Helps You Achieve Lucid Dreams


To sleep and perchance to dream, or lucid dream. To the uninitiated, lucid dreaming is when you have absolute control over your dream. Basically, your subconscious becomes your playground and anything you want to do, you just do it. The trick is actually attaining this state, which can be tricky as it is not at all similar to your average dream state. Well, look who is knocking at the door ready to lend a helping hand, it’s wearable technology. Introducing a sleep mask that promises to help anyone achieve that hotly contested lucid dream state. Now we’ll never show up back in high school naked again!

The Remee mask, by a new Brooklyn company called Bitbanger Labs, promises to do just that. The trick to lucid dreaming is usually a lot practice and a lot of work. You have to check your watch throughout the day, and quite literally pinch yourself, to make sure you aren’t currently in a dream state. The mask takes the guess work out of that ritual by blinking a red LED light when you have entered the REM state. When you are dreaming and you start to see bright red, flashing lights everywhere your brain will know you are currently dreaming and then the sky will be the limit. Well, it’s either that or you are being fed your Miranda rights.

This awesome mask isn’t out yet, however. The company launched a mega-successful Kickstarter in order to finish funding. You can get your hands on one of your own for just $95. In the meantime, may we suggest pinching yourself harshly and often.