REi Huggable pillow puts the sun into your arms


The inspiration of the REi Huggable design is of sunlight. The comforting rays of the sun are shared by people around the world. Sunlight not only represents warmth and light, it also creates happiness, joyfulness, playfulness, intimacy and life.

REI Huggable Diana Lin, a Taiwan born Designer, created the REi Huggable, a pillow that puts the sun in your hands – literally – and won her various recognition and design awards. She founded the Diana Lin Design LLC with the mission to bring unique and memorable experiences to people with design through physical and emotional experiences.

REi Huggable is constructed of a furry pillow cover wrapped around a series of LED lights embedded within silicone bubbles. The idea is to use the properties of the silicone material to acts as a diffuser for the LED lights. The silicone’s natural material color is translucent white and when is lit with warm white LED lamp it creates a very warm and comforting glow that represents the sunlight.

The tactic material of silicone mimics that of a living creature that almost hugs back at you as you hold it as well as its ability to absorb body heat, allowing it to be warm to the touch. The shape and material for the lighting pillow cover encourages people to touch, hold and bond with REi Huggable.

The Pillow runs on 4 AA batteries or with a AC/DC adaptor direct connected to the main socket – for extended sunshine in your arms.

A nice design idea that will help lighten up a little but the rainy days in our life. Many people have a favorite pillow that is hugged when alone or just to comfort oneself. With the REi Huggable, you can have a new dimension, light, to sooth and comfort you.

Diana Lin Design is shipping the REi Huggable Pillow internationally for $ 84.95 and you can pre-ordered it on her Website. Shipment is expected around mid of April.