Reebok NXT Speaker Backpack (BoomBag)

Reebok NXT Boombag Speaker Backpack

Reebok NXT Boombag Speaker Backpack

Reebok has just introduced their first product in the Interactive Fashion segment, the NXT Speaker Backpack which features a complete stereo sound system integrated into a cool backpack design in Reebok’s signature style backpack line.

The backpack features a NXT flat panel stereo speaker that blends into the design while delivering impressive audio quality powered. The speakers are powered by 2x AA batteries and can connect to any device equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack.

We like the use of the NXT speaker technology when adding sound into bags as it allows a ’soft’ integration using the bags ‘natural’ materials such as EVA for the speaker membrane. With NXT technology there is no need  for any additional or materials that would make bags or backpacks look too bulky or geek-like.

Reebok’s NXT Speaker Backpack is built tough to withstand the harsh conditions of school, business or travel.NXT Reebok Speaker backpack-details

The Reebok NXT Speaker Backpack is available at this UK online store for £69.99 ($ 136.77). It’s nice to see this bag priced at an affordable rate.  Reebok bag is very similar to Quiksilver’s NXT sound backpacks which are priced much higher at around $ 500.- and up.

Getting the price of sound enabled BoomBags down to a more ‘tolerable’ price range will help to bring this new product concept to a wider audience.