Reebok and mc10 Team Up to Create Checklight, the Head Impact Indicator


Sports, except golf, can be a bloody business. You do a lot of falling and pushing and, oftentimes, your head ends up hitting the ground hard. Again, this pertains to most sports and not golf which the only danger of you hurting yourself comes from you drunkenly falling off of a golf cart or eating too many nachos at the 19th hole. Real sports can be dangerous! Head trauma is a serious business, particularly in football. Any piece of technology that comes along to make this easier to deal with is welcome in our eyes. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a handy head impact indicator.

Reebok, of shoe fame, and mc10 have teamed to create a head impact indicator they are calling Checklight. You wear it as a sort of headband, hat type thing and when you take a concussive fall the tech within the device tracks it, logs it and lets you know where it hit and how hard it hit. It then pumps this info to the smartphone or tablet of your choice so you and your coach can go over it and decide, along with a team of medical professionals, if you will indeed be put in the big game.

The best part about this tech, besides that it can potentially save lives, is it is available right now. You can purchase it at sports stores starting today for $149.99. High school football coaches, take note, and walketh thee to your closest gear store. Also, clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.