Record Your Life with the ParaShoot HD Smart Camera


Life tends to pass us by rather quickly, and the best way to keep memories alive is by documenting them. However, many of us miss these moments because we’re not prepared, and we don’t have a video camera handy. The primary reason for not keeping a camera available is, of course, the hassle involved with keeping something the size of a traditional video camera at arms length all the time. All of this could change soon, however, with the ParaShoot HD smart camera, a customizable, wireless high definition camera that is worn around the neck.


How the ParaShoot Differs from Traditional Video Cameras

The biggest difference between a traditional video camera and the ParaShoot is its size. The camera weighs in at just half an ounce and measures less than two inches on the long side and barely over one inch in width. The ParaShoot’s less than half an inch in thickness makes this device a technological marvel in a tiny package. In terms of something worn around the neck the ParaShoot’s size may seem daunting, until compared with the much larger size of a traditional video camera.


Also unlike a traditional camera, the ParaShoot offers an automatic recording feature, allowing the user to set the device to automatically record video at specific intervals which can, of course, be changed in the app. Best of all, however, is the ability to transfer the recorded video to a cloud storage service using a smartphone.

Features and Technical Details

23bc16c52cd098678f94e92a1aa1fba8_largeThe ParaShoot HD Smart Camera comes with a range of features, including the ability to record at 720 high definition resolution with H.264 encoding. A built in microphone records audio along with the video. And because the camera is meant to be worn on a strap around the neck, an image stabilizer has been included to prevent crooked, shaky video.

The ParaShoot runs on a rechargeable 600mAh lithium ion battery, and those who often forget to charge their devices will be pleased to find a second, spare battery in the package. The battery is charged via a standard Micro-USB port. The device has no internal memory, but storage can be added by inserting a micro SD card into the camera.


In order to transfer video to the cloud, the ParaShoot uses an 802.11 b/g/n chip that runs at 2.4 GHz. The device should theoretically be capable of connecting to any wireless network, although the manufacturer has not indicated whether stronger wireless security settings, like WPA2, will be compatible.

Using the ParaShoot HD Camera

a7703c8ca4ec96cf68a2bf15cc2c1955_largeUsing the ParaShoot is as easy as placing it around the neck and turning it on. A wireless connection between the camera and a smartphone enables the phone to act as a viewfinder and a remote control for the ParaShoot. Since the ParaShoot uses a regular WiFi signal, it can be used with any smartphone or tablet with wireless capabilities.

Video footage can be transferred to a computer via the USB cable, or sent wirelessly to a cloud server. While the option exists to use a personal cloud server, the manufacturer plans to offer cloud services to purchasers at an as-yet unspecified cost.

Getting the ParaShoot

The developers are currently running a Kickstarter campaign and, as yet, have not reached the monetary goal. If the goal is reached by July 23, 2013, the first ParaShoot devices are planned for shipment to the early backers by September 2013. There is currently no date set for public product launch, although a list price of $269 has been mentioned.