Recon Snow2 HUD Goggles


Tis the season, amirite? By that I mean the weather is getting colder and the mountains are getting, uh, mountain-ier. In some parts of the country it is already ski season, and for the rest it’ll only be a few short more weeks. All of you snow bunnies and hot dog enthusiasts are probably already making appointments for various slopes and expensive bed and breakfast hotels. The only thing you need now? Some awesome wearable technology to make hitting those slopes easier, more fun and safer than ever before. Luckily you are reading this blog and we are hip to all of that stuff, so I hear.

Remember Recon Instruments? We’ve profiled them on the site before and given a write up or two to their HUD prototype, which was a sort of Google Glass for the ski set. Well, that prototype has now become a regular type and will soon be racing to store shelves before too long. They’ve given it a name change. It now goes by Snow2. It’s still an awesome HUD and glasses-like device that streams all manner of useful information to your retinae as you ski. It connects to your phones via Bluetooth so you can access this information whenever you want. The coolest part is, it’s not an actual eyewear device so it keeps costs down. It is a gadget that plugs in to the ski helmet you already have.

Recon’s Snow2 will be available any day now for a suggested retail price of $400. If you are a true ski-fan you have the money to blow. Just cut down on the post-slope massage sessions.