Recon Jet Heads-Up Display from Recon Instruments

White Recon Jet

Sure, Google and its enchanting Glass device gets the majority of eyewear headlines these days. It is most certainly not for everyone and every application, however. Just off the top of our heads we can think of a few scenarios in which Glass would be the absolute wrong eyewear display to have attached to your noggin. Chasing down a robber, jumping from a moving truck and, of course, skiing full throttle down a mountain. For these things you are gonna need something much sturdier.

Announced today at the Google I/O conference, Recon Instruments, known the world over for their marvelous and tech-heavy ski goggles, are releasing a pair of sunglasses that have much in common with Google Glass. The speedily named Recon Jet has a host of drool worthy features, including WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, an HD camera and a host of useful sensors. All of this tech, along with a dual-core processor, fits snugly  to a pair of included sunglasses. The hook here is that these glasses and the device itself are attached, which gives the whole thing a much sturdier feel. After all, you are supposed to be able to ski while wearing them. Last we checked, skiing was not slow and dainty.

The Jet, like its Glass counterpart, boasts an open source platform and forthcoming apps from Facebook, video streaming sites and more. We imagine this platform will play host to many a fitness app. The company has yet to announce pricing and availability. As always, we’ll let you know when you can score a pair of these serious shades. Check out a video of them in action below.

For more information stay tuned to our dedicated Recon Jet page on CrunchWear, or visit the Jet product page at Recon Instruments website.