Recon Instruments suits up its Android SDK for their HUD Ski Goggles line


To quote that classic of American cinema, Hot Dog… The Movie “Skiing is totally awesome dude!” Truer words were never spoken! Is there anything more carefree feeling than speeding down a mountain slope? The wind in your hair, snow at your feet and tree in your chest. Wait what? Yeah, skiing can also be dangerous. That’s why Recon Instruments developed its HUD Ski Goggles. They keep an extra eye on the world around you so you don’t have to. Ok, you still have to but it’s still nice knowing you aren’t the only one. Jack London be damned.

The company unveiled their oft-rumored Android SDK at Google’s I/O conference this week. Basically, that means developers can go hog wild designing apps that can be used with Android-based devices. The gentle slope of your favorite mountain will no longer be an iOS-only affair! Thank goodness for that. Losing your iPhone in the snow sucks, especially if it’s a white model.

Various developers have already announced they are prepping applications that tap into the goggle’s altimeter, barometer, accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer and temperature readers. This means a whole lot of ski-based goodness for the consumer at some point in the near future. Recon has also indicated there will be on-board game functionality as well. This means leaderboards, trophies and more game-based goodness. SkiDude4EVAR’s single slope record is going down!

The Android-based HUD Goggles will go on sale in the fall, just in time for it to, um, get cold. No pricing has been announced yet.  In the meantime, blast your air conditioning, watch this video and stare at these snowy photos.