Recon Instruments Snow2 Goggles Now Stream to Facebook



The winter is upon us. How do I know this with such certainty? Well, for one, it’s so cold outside that my smartwatch has turned into a smart icicle (wearable tech humor.) Also, there is snow on and around the ground, unless one of my neighbors has a particularly bad case of dandruff(regular humor.) In any event, the winter is great for all kinds of outdoor sports. There’s skiing, snowboarding and, uh, hanging out by a fire and drinking hot chocolate. To fit the needs of these enthusiasts, there has sprung a whole niche market of wearable technology. Now the leader of this crew just got even more, hmm, leadery.

Recon Instruments have been in the game for a while now and their flagship product is the Snow2 Goggles. These nifty specs are sort of like Google Glass for the snowbound set. They keep track of your GPS location, your speed stats, vertical descent and the amount of trees you’ve smashed into(sorta.) Now, the company has announced a new firmware update that will allow all of these statistics streamed right to your Facebook wall. All of those peons who can’t afford to ski as much as you will glower with seething jealousy. It’ll be awesome!